Our Reasons For Choosing Bar None Fitness Studio

  1. Inclusive: Personalized Training and Health Programs for EVERYONE
    It doesn’t matter who you are, what health background you have, or what your fitness abilities and strengths are, our approach to health and wellness is made for everyone. Your training is built around you - it’s as simple as that! We create, modify, and build upon your progress in each exercise phase along the way! We know your goals might change, your lifestyle may shift, and your body will establish new set points. It’s important to know what is working for you, and just as important to switch it up and keep things exciting and fun! There isn’t one way to do fitness! And we’re committed to figuring out the best way for you, with you!
  2. Individual/ Personalized Fitness Coaching Approach
    Each workout and every program that is created for you is exclusive to your exercise history, fitness experience, and your health goals. Our focus is on how we can best help you realistically achieve all of your health and fitness goals, and make them last!
    Our personalized coaching approach ensures that we are looking at you, your lifestyle habits, daily routines, and available time to maximize your results! We’re going to make this fool-proof!
  3. Knowledge: One-on-one time and fitness training experience
    From our very first consultation and every training session we spend together, you will have an open floor to ask any questions you have, discuss areas of your life that need extra attention, and learn about your training routine, so you can be more involved in fast tracking your results. The more you learn along the way, the more equipped you will be in making your efforts in the gym and outside of the gym count for the long term. We give you the one-on-one time and training experience to grow into the person and body you’ve always wanted!
  4. Motivation
    Some people want the done-for-you workouts, the weight loss, muscle building, and/or strength training; while others come to learn how to exercise correctly and safely, and prioritize their health to stay fit. But everyone loves the daily motivation that is a big part of personal training! You can know what to do, make a plan and even the time for it, but just never actually get it done. We are that guaranteed source of motivation for you, so you never get out of routine, skip workouts, or sabotage your progress. We both know when we’re meeting, we know what our plan is, and we get it done! That dedication and accountability gives you the best chance at success! And we’re here for it!

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