Read What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying About Our Burlington Gym & Fitness Studio


    As a member of a Big Box Gym, I came to Bar None o help deal with sme specific strenghtening help for my back and hips....TOP NOTHCH professionals here, so glad Bar None was so highly recommended to me by my phsyio team....100% satisfied!!

    Brian Davis

    Bar None Fitness changed the way I look at staying fit. I came to work with Jess and Dan with no experience working out, I was nervous, and pretty ready to throw in the towel from the get go. They talked to me about what I wanted and made everything really comfortable and easy to manage. Having one on one instruction was worth it for me, big time. The approach taken and the knowledge gained from this awesome couple is what has kept me working out and staying fit to this day. Even though I have moved away they continue to support me with new routines and advice. There is no better place to go to learn how to take care of what matters most, your health :)

    Gavin Williams

    Joining at Bar None has changed my entire lifestyle. Jess and Daniel have provided the training and guidance I needed to start a new healthy life. I love the one on one training with a workout that is personalized and targets the specific areas I need to work on. Thanks guys!

    Nicole Cooke

    Fitness has helped me do that over the last year. Dan has created a variety of fitness routines and meal plan suggestions to help me to break the stigma and excuses that I have been providing myself for years by making it fun, safe and educational. I found going to a large corporate gym was uncomfortable, dirty and very distracting. Bar None is private, clean and super functional.

    Mostly, I am truly grateful for the constant encouragement and find it is just as much about positive mental support/realignment as it is about pushing weight and eating right. Be brave, accept the challenge and take the first step by calling to book a meeting. It will change your life if you're ready to commit. Thanks Dan, you are an amazing coach. Appreciate you.

    Terry Jepson