Online Workout and Nutrition Program

Online Personal Training designed specifically to fit into your lifestyle!

What to look forward to:

Imagine an unstoppable duo! The one that helps you power through the unknown, the areas you should improve on, and just gives you everything you need at your fingertips! There’s no guessing here, because you’re getting the workouts and the food. It’s all personalized and geared towards your goals. You’ll also get a monthly check-in to keep you accountable and on track with what you’ve set out to do. We’ll let you get the work done, but still be there to check your progress!

What’s included:

  • Wellness Questionnaire.
  • Initial Assessment to discover your goals and specific needs.
  • 30-45 min phone call or video chat to go over the questionnaire and assessment.
  • 3 day custom workout program (3 separate workouts) with a personalized 7-day nutritional plan (workout program can be created for a gym or home setting with or without weights).
  • Individual exercise tips for proper form and body positioning.
  • Healthy recipes, tips for eating out and staying on track with life’s “happenings”.
  • One monthly email check-in and 15 min follow-up phone call or video chat.
  • A health overhaul to elevate your mood, and get you feeling and performing at your best.

Pricing: $299

We hope you will GIVE us the chance to show you that a little TRUST in us will create the knowledge, motivation, willpower, strength, courage, and positivity you need to GROW into your best self!

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