The Truth About Water!

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Drinking water is much more than just staying hydrated! It helps in flushing out waste from your body, regulates body temperature, helps your brain function, and so on. Water makes up the majority of your body weight, and it’s involved in many important bodily functions. Therefore, water is vital in everyday life, and without it, your body will stop functioning properly.

Other than survival, water is essential for optimum health and preventing illnesses. There is strong evidence that good hydration reduces many chronic illnesses. For instance, did you know researchers reported that there were zero deaths related to chronic disease in people who met the proper hydration criteria?

However, a lot of people underestimate the importance of drinking water or don’t truly understand how it impacts the body. To help you see the truth about water, Bar None Fitness Studio has revealed some facts about drinking water. Keep reading to know why getting enough water every day is important for your health.

The facts!

1. Drinking water does more than keep you physically hydrated
We’re sure you’ve been told to drink more water before! Most of us have and just bookmark that in our brain as a to-do (when they get to) type of thing. Well, hopefully, this will change your mind! Not drinking enough water can and will likely lead to headaches, dry skin, low energy, disorientation, muscle cramps, decreasing muscle mass, joint pain, digestive issues, mood swings, impaired concentration and memory, chronic disease (plus more) by decreasing blood flow and circulation through the body, poorly balancing electrolytes, and dehydrating your brain! Now, after reading this, hopefully, you’re thinking twice about making water more of a priority!

2. Drink eight glasses of water each day
We’re sure you’ve heard this rule of thumb too! So how much should we actually drink? It’s hard to come up with a simple answer to this as our size, physical activity, age, sweat level, and even environment all play a role in this number. But, a good target for most people is drinking two-thirds (or 67%) of your body weight in ounces of water. So, for a hundred and fifty-pound individual, that equals to around three liters of water per day. It is also important to account for water lost during exercise, which research accounts for an additional twelve ounces of water per thirty minutes of exercise. So now you’re probably thinking, OMG! I’m chronically dehydrated. No wonder why I don’t have energy, my joints hurt, and I have metabolic issues and inflammation!

3. Electrolyte regulates your body’s most essential functions
And now that brings us to electrolytes. This is often forgotten entirely or is considered as Gatorade and other sports drinks. We naturally receive electrolytes from fruits and vegetables like bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, squash (higher in potassium), and kale, spinach, and other greens that are higher in magnesium and calcium. Lemons and limes are also balanced electrolytes that are often added to water with sea salt as a great natural electrolyte supplement! This brings a whole new meaning to “eat your fruits and veggies.” Having a balance of electrolytes ensures that all the water you are drinking is actually being absorbed and effectively hydrating your body!

Bottom line
Proper hydration plays a huge role in how our body functions! It determines how healthy we are, how we feel and move, and how likely we are to avoid disease! So, if it’s not important to-do already, put it at the top of your list!! Increasing your intake by five hundred milliliters each week is a great way to start easing your body into it! And don’t forget about your electrolytes!

For more facts about water and proper body hydration, reach out to Bar None Fitness Studio. We strive to see our clients realize their potential through positive fitness outcomes. We continuously improve our customer experience so that our clients feel safe and comfortable bettering themselves.

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