What Are Frog Pumps, and Are They Worth Adding to Your Glute Workouts?

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If you've noticed people on your IG feed thrusting their crotch in the air with their knees spread wide, no it's not porn — it's the frog pump exercise, and your glutes want you to do it, too. Of all the exercise you can add to your workouts, the frog pump might just be the most awkward. Not only are you thrusting your hips into the air and calling it exercise, but your knees are spread eagle making the whole thing more reminiscent of a trip to the gyno rather than the gym. Well, experts would tell you that despite all that, it's well worth getting to know the frog pump exercise — sideways glances be damned.

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Article Written By: Gabrielle Kassel 

Original Article Posted on: March 31, 2021

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