Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Fitness!

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The current pandemic has forced many people to turn over a new leaf and improve their overall health. More people are now consuming healthy foods and incorporating exercise into their daily routine. While individuals are becoming more health-conscious, there is still a wealth of misleading content found on the internet when it comes to the most effective workouts and foods for the body. Additionally, with new research and more fitness experts or nutritionists emerging, there is always advice on what you should eat, types of exercises to try, etc.

Finding factually accurate answers can be difficult when you’re constantly bombarded with opinions and information on what to do. To help you clear the air and achieve your fitness goals, Bar None Fitness Studio has dispelled three of the most widely believed myths about fitness. 

Myth 1: You need to cut out “x” food to achieve “x” result

This myth tends to exist in all types of “fad” diets as a way to sell. We advise our clients that they can in fact enjoy all of their favorite foods (in moderation) and still achieve their fitness goals. We can prove this by providing clients with a well-balanced diet plan suited to their goals.

Myth 2: You can “tone” your muscles

This myth probably exists as a way to sell programs. The truth is you can either “build” muscle, or lose body fat to “reveal” more muscle. We are able to disprove this myth by teaching our clients that ‘you can’t out-train a bad diet.’ In other words, your diet is just as important as your workout program when it comes to getting lean. 

Myth 3: Women need to do different exercises than men

This is a common misconception. I’ve personally experienced women worry that they will become “too muscular” if they train with weights. While women might have less strength than men in general, men are structurally created the same and should strengthen their bodies in similar fashions. We disprove this myth by encouraging strength/weight training with ALL of our clients, and letting results speak for themselves.

At Bar None Fitness Studio, we have created the ideal fitness studio in Burlington, ON; one that is dedicated to welcoming absolutely everyone. It is a space to feel inspired, challenged, and proud of everything you’ve accomplished. 

At our private boutique gym, we offer one-on-one personal training sessions. The dynamic approach we take in our personal training philosophy is one that will ensure you are taking big steps and constantly moving forward towards achieving ALL of your personal health goals! 

On top of our amazing training programs, we also have an on-site smoothie and shake bar where we offer delicious and healthy meal replacement or low calorie shakes. 

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