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Weight loss in the absence of exercise, particularly resistance training, leads to the loss of vital lean muscle mass (not just fat), which unfortunately works against fat burning and keeping that unwanted body fat off. After all, muscle is the only active tissue, which means that having more lean muscle mass (and no you're not going to get bulky if that's not what you're training for), burns more fat at rest, when you‘re doing absolutely nothing!

Studies show that resistance training benefits extend even further to prevent and manage Type 2 diabetes, promote bone development, enhance cardiovascular health, reduce low back pain, ease discomfort associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as reverse specific aging factors in skeletal muscle.

Resistance and strength training also increase intra- and intermuscular coordination, which in simpler terms means that carrying your groceries, walking up and down the stairs with laundry, trekking to the back of a store parking lot, bending down to get the full garbage or recycling bin, and running around with your grandchildren or children just got a whole lot easier!

And if nothing above sounds convincing enough, training with weights does release endorphins! It actually helps improve your cognitive abilities and self-confidence in not only handling some of those common challenges listed above, but also in feeling better about your whole body condition and self-image. Imagine feeling smarter and happier about everything in your life while simultaneously getting healthier, toned, and keeping your heart happy. And you can do all of this just by lifting weights! Pretty awesome isn’t it?!