How many days should I be working out?

Author: Bar None Fitness Studio |

Training frequency depends on a few things. If you are coming to us having not worked out in quite a while (over a month) or never before, we recommend getting started with 2-3 sessions per week. This allows your body to get use to the new activity you’ve introduced and recover accordingly. After 2-3 weeks, most people are able to increase their training frequency to their prescribed programming. If you have been working out moderately, you’re more than ready to start your training program as prescribed! Wherever you’re starting from, we will meet you there! Our focus is to work with your availability and lifestyle to make sure you’re on the best path for success!

We offer complimentary assessments to get a better handle on your current fitness experience and the goals you’re looking to accomplish. That way we can give you a better idea of a starting point and proper plan of progression!