I can’t commit to working out 3x per week, is that ok?

Author: Bar None Fitness Studio |

Everyone has a different work schedule and weekly commitments that follow. And we understand that you are busy and you want to make time for this as well! We can usually make anything work!

We find that having three workouts per week has set most of our clients up for success, no matter where they are starting from and what their goals are. The difference in most cases between working out three times versus more in a week is how fast you are able to achieve your goals. Having said that, some people are able to combine working out with us and working out at home. We can do the home workouts virtually or we can create an extension of your training program for you to complete on your own. There isn’t a “one program fits all“ approach and we know there’s more to life than your workouts, so we give you our training recommendations and then aim to make that work for you however it realistically fits into your life!