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The dynamic approach we take in our training philosophy, is one that will ensure you are taking big steps and constantly moving forward, towards achieving ALL of your personal goals! You won't have to wonder if all the work you are putting into your exercise and nutritional planning is actually bringing you closer to all of the goals and version of yourself, that brought you into the gym in the first place. You will be more confident in your training, and attitude, knowing that every effort you put in, is being accounted for. We strive to improve your overall quality of life, and are positive we can!

‚ÄčPersonal Fitness Training

Working with a personal trainer at Bar None Fitness gives you a blend that approaches both exercise and nutrition with an individualized program, catered to YOUR personal goals! Weight loss in the absence of exercise, particularly resistance training, leads to the loss of vital lean muscle mass, not just fat, which unfortunately, works against fat burning and keeping that unwanted body fat off. By creating a workout regime with a meal plan that fits your lifestyle and schedule, you are spared going through numerous fad diets and grueling workouts that time and time again prove to be unsuccessful in the long term. NOW you can rest assured that your hard work will pay off!

‚ÄčThe Benefits of Personal Training