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Owner of Bar None Fitness Studio, Jessica Zawadowicz can definitely be described as a health and fitness enthusiast. With over 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, she has earned certifications in several health courses and training styles.

Jess attended McMaster university, where she earned her Bachelors of Science Degree, specializing in Human Anatomy.

Bar None Fitness Studio was created by Jess in late 2015, with hopes of providing people with an intimate and private training environment, where she can focus on personalized training and health programs for EVERYONE!

​Jess has worked hand in hand with physiotherapists and nutrionists throughout her career, and hast vast knowledge when it comes to living a HEALTHY and HAPPY lifestyle!



Welcome to Bar None Fitness Studio!

  Where you will have a one of a kind experience at our private, boutique gym, conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Burlington! 

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​​Here at Bar None, our mission is to optimize your lifestyle through exercise, nutrition and positive energy!

​Our facility is one that is dedicated to welcoming ANYBODY! regardless of age or fitness level!

​Located in downtown Burlington, ON, our boutique setting offers private one-on-one training sessions, that work with YOUR schedule, with none of the crowds, wait times, and intimidation often associated with "big box" gyms!

​We are passionate about health and fitness, and possess an enthusiastic attitude when it comes to helping you think positive, feel confident and achieve your goals!